The Program

Bloomers! wants to promote a love of gardening, develop an appreciation for healthy eating and cultivate excitement for nature and learning.  With Bloomers! Schoolyard children are motivated to eat the fruits of their labor as they go on a classroom quest to plant, grow and harvest a vegetable garden. We additionally encourages students through outdoor garden activities, learning games, rewards, and our online world.  This program has had a 96% success rate with over 2,500 students and 80 schools and we are striving to grow this number.

The Bloomers! portable, self-contained Schoolyard vegetable garden is the perfect outdoor school classroom in which nutrition, plant science, math, and ‘hands-on’ learning are supported for students in grades pre-k through 1st. The Bloomers! Schoolyard program includes one plastic container garden, 2 bags of organic soil, 1 packet of Non-GMO seeds, fertilizer, game-based educator curriculum, 7 storybooks focusing on gardening concepts, 1 dry erasable activity chart, and a site-wide license for students and educators to our online educational virtual world, Bloomers! Island.

We connect gardening with technology and integrate it into the curriculum to create a unique and transformative learning experience in which children are actively engaged. Bloomers! takes an ecological approach to technology, leveraging the interrelationship among different communication technologies, the cultural communities that build around them, and the variety of activities they support to encourage outdoor activity.  We have designed an online world and mobile apps to help bring the three different playgrounds together and create a unified, learner-centered online experience.

We integrated game-based rewards into the Schoolyard program to help keep children motivated and engrossed.  When students are not outside in the garden, they can read Bloomers! storybooks, play Island games, and interact with the Bloomers! characters as they earn different achievement badges and game points.