Bloomers! Schoolyard School Garden

Bloomers! Schoolyard is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that helps address our nations on going challenge with childhood obesity by raising money to donate Bloomers! Edutainment's Schoolyard gardening program to economically disadvantaged areas and schools. We feel that changing the poor nutrition habits of our nation's youth is a possibility and we are playing a supportive role to schools that have neither the time, money, knowledge nor space to fill this need.

We believe that gardening can be fun and successful. After three years of working with schools, we have fine-tuned our program to get children excited about growing food, eating vegetables and additionally help teachers become confident gardeners. Our slogan is, we make gardening a game and by unitizing this concept, we have found it works brilliantly!  We know that through our program, students can be successful at growing their own little crop of food. Our goal is for every child to at least try one new vegetable, spend quality time outdoors and know + grow his or her own vegetable garden.