-Metric based on working with thousands of children in schools.
Bloomers! Schoolyard, Inc. 

96% of children will eat a vegetable if they've grown it!

Bloomers! Schoolyard inc. School Garden for early learners

Bloomers! Schoolyard is the unique hands-on gardening and healthy eating program designed specifically for early learners that’s fun for the child and easy for the educator. Bloomers! Schoolyard, Inc. is the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization for children that provides the Schoolyard program to schools that cannot afford it. 

Research has found that children who participate in cultivating a garden at school show a greater willingness to try new foods, demonstrate better eating habits, and retain knowledge about nutrition. In working with thousands of children, we have found that 96% of kids who grow their own vegetables eat them! The nonprofit organization helps address our nation's ongoing struggle with childhood obesity by raising money to donate the Schoolyard program to schools in economically disadvantaged areas. Bloomers! Schoolyard strives to cultivate in young children, a connection with nature and predilection for healthy food choices in one of the spaces they spend most time: at school.